5Rights Introduction

The introduction to the jury should not take longer than 15 minutes. If you break your jury up over several sessions, you do not need to revisit this introduction each time.

Introduce yourself (if necessary)

Let’s break the ice!

  • Ask your group to think about whether there are any apps, websites or games that they can’t live without, what are they and why*
  • Say what your favourite app is and why
  • Go round the room, asking the young people to introduce themselves (if you don’t know them already) and share what they can’t live without.

Warm things up

Play the video (you can right click and download it straight to your computer if you won't have internet access during the jury).

About the Video

This video shows the Internet embodied as a person in a therapy session, talking about her feelings. This is highly emotive, expressing the stresses and difficulties of life online, such as cyber-bullying, hacking and leaks. It also talks about the positive aspects of the internet including funny videos, fundraising and the power of connectivity

Ask Questions such as:

  • What do you think is going on in the video?
  • Can you relate to what is talked about in the video?
  • What positive things do you associate with the internet and being online?
  • What negative things have you come across or you don’t like?

Introduce how the jury is going to work

  • You are going to watch scenarios based on the different 5Rights
  • We are going to talk about the scenarios and draw on our own experiences
  • We are going to design recommendations/campaigns/scenarios that could raise awareness of 5Rights, awareness of issues or potential solutions.
  • Ask young people - what do you think a jury is?
    In the legal system a jury is a group of citizens who come together to discuss, deliberate and come to conclusion, that influences the court decision about whether somebody is guilty or innocent.
    We want you guys to be a group of people here who are discussing, debating and deliberating on some key issues, and then coming to some conclusions and putting forward some recommendations and proposals as a result of discussions. And we really want you to think about this jury as an opportunity for you to influence the future of the internet.
  • Ask young people - what are rights?
    Something that you should have and no one would take away from you. They’re sort of intrinsic or defendable and they should exist for everyone sort of thing. So we want to talk to you about internet rights. Now, these exist partly in the form of a number of rights which have been talked about by experts and are being used by this campaign, called 5Rights, but in some ways they don’t really exist at all, because they’re not currently necessarily a part of law.
  • Move onto one of the scenarios

*You can come back to this ice-breaker question in The Right to Know