The Right to Know

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About this resource

This is an extra resource with more further information to support The Right to Know.

Introduce the scenario

"The first scenario we’re going to see from the actors is all about the extend to which you know and understand the data which is being held on you by internet companies, as you go about your family lives on the internet. So it’s all about the kinds of information that might exist about you, how companies might track you as an internet user, and it may or may not blow your mind a bit, so over to the actors..."

Play the Video:

About the Video clip

This scenario shows someone doing some online shopping and finds that a website has remembered her previous purchases and preferences. It takes her new search query and offers a new selection and a means to filter through the options. After selecting a dress, the company still has her bank details and delivery information from a previous transaction.

Another company advertises shoes to the individual based on information shared from the first company that she bought a dress online. The shopper is uncomfortable that this secondary company has so many details about her including her delivery address.

Looking at her emails, the shopper then discovers lots of promotional emails that are related to her recent purchases. Although she seems uncomfortable that her information has been shared, it is deemed ‘normal’ and ‘convenient’.

Host a discussion

Online trackers: We’ve talked a lot about the information that companies have on you, how much you think is held privately, and how much you want to be private versus you’re happy to be public. If you wanted to stop people tracking you or following you or collecting information about you online.

  • Are you currently aware of what you could do to prevent people from doing this?
  • What do you think you could do?

And thinking about this area about the level of tracking and information gathering about yourselves as you move across the internet in your day-to-day lives…

  • how angry or upset or concerned to this make you? If you’re not bothered at all keep your hands down, if you’re a little bit angry or upset or concerned, one hand. And if it makes you really concerned, angry or upset then two.

Data and Metadata

  • What do you think the difference is between data and metadata?

Metadata is information about information. So when you sent an email the metadata will include, the sender, the receiver, the title of the email, time stamp. Similar information such as IP address is captured by websites through something called cookies.

  • What do you think is ‘personal data’?

Personal Data is considered to to be personally identifiable information such as name, date of birth, address and so on. However, privacy advocates suggest that triangulating metadata can identify an individual.

  • How do you feel about these data being shared with other companies?

Terms and Conditions

  • Do you read the terms and conditions of apps and services before agreeing to them?
  • Did they make sense?


Additional Activiy: You can ask everyone to find the Privacy Policy of their favourite app they spoke about in the ice-breaker and find out what personal information is being shared and what ‘anonymous’ information is shared.


Group Design

Formulate smaller groups to design recommendations for government/internet companies; awareness campaigns of issues/solutions to peers etc. This can be done using flipchart paper to scatter ideas

Ask them to think about:

  1. What they want to say
  2. Who they are speaking to
  3. How best to reach that person/group

Stakeholders can include:

  • Local Government
  • National Government
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Children’s charities

Communication Methods can include:

  • ✉️ Letter
  • 🌐 Social Media Campaign
  • 📜 Infographic/poster
  • ▶️ Video

Group Feedback

Each group should share their best/favourite idea with the rest of the group.

Resources and Tools for Privacy

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